CPAUG Affilate (and how you can help at no extra cost to you!)

CPAUG store

At the July Pizza Party meeting there seemed to be some confusion about the CPAUG store and what it could be used for and how it helps CPAUG so I wanted to clear that up a bit.

What is the CPAUG Store?
CPAUG is part of the Affilate program which means that CPAUG receives a percentage of any sales that we drive from our website using banners, affiliate links or the search box on  This percentage ranges from about 3-6% with some types of items being higher or lower. uses a tracking cookie to keep track of conversions.  Every little bit helps as CPAUG receives no outside funding of any kind!  We appreciate your support! All proceeds go back into the group — the pizza party was funded in part by these sales.

How do I use it?
The most common way is to go to (bookmark it) and search for the item using the search box in the middle of the page.

Hint from Tamara Eyster: Add items you want to buy to your Wish List then enter the store via the CPAUG search box.
At times, we will have special promotional banners or links that you can click on too that will take you to specific items (though anything you buy after using the link “counts” – not just that item).  These tend to be around special Amazon sales – be sure to check it out for the upcoming holiday shopping season including Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

What items can I use it on?
EVERYTHING! You don’t have to only buy books or software on  Anything that you buy on after going through the search box (or another affiliate link) counts as a sale for CPAUG.  So, buy diapers for your kids, kindle books, a hammer, anything from….just be sure to start from (again, good idea to just bookmark it!) so that the sale is tracked and counted for us.

Use it on your own sites too!
Selling any products on your own site and want to help CPAUG?  Just contact us with a link to the product on and I’ll send you a special URL that you can use on your website.  Any sales that you get through your site will give CPAUG a small percentage.

Got more questions about it?
Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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