July Pizza Party Recap + News

Thanks to to everyone who attending the Pizza Party!  We had a great time and hope that you did too! The pizza party was funded with the sales of unused books and by the CPAUG Amazon.com store.  We’ll follow up with another email about the Amazon store in detail as there seemed to be some confusion about it.

Items from the meeting:

  • Sean (PixelWit) asked that I share this link with you – it’s his blog post about the CPAUG meeting last night and some of the things he was talking about with some of you including things like easing, PageFlip, interesting SWF’s and still images created with Flash. Be sure to check it out at: http://www.pixelwit.com/blog/2011/07/ramblings/
  • I forgot to mention this really cool online tool for converting images to HTML/CSS.
  • Thanks to our sponsors for providing raffle prizes especially Focal Press, Peachpit Press and Webucator.

Upcoming Meetings: We’ll announce the dates as they are finalized but we will be taking August off as usual and will resume “regular” meetings with presentations in September at the Kline Branch Library in Harrisburg.

We’re looking for presenters for September, October and November so if you’re interested in presenting or know someone who may like to present to the group, please let us know.  We’re open to all Adobe-related topics (and sometimes off-topic too!).  Remember – presenters receive extra tickets to our bi-annual Adobe CS5.5 raffle for extra chances to win software valued at around $2000.00!

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