New, FREE resources & training from Webucator – Google Analytics, HTML, Dreamweaver and more.

    • Free Google Analytics course: We’re about to announce a new, interactive self-paced training platform, and we’re starting by giving away a free course. Here is the link for anyone to gain access:
    • HTML Webinar: This webinar introduces HTML and offers tips for learning to create web pages. Here is a signup link:
    • Dreamweaver Webinar: This webinar covers the basics of Dreamweaver and offers suggestions for getting started with the program. Here’s the webinar link:
    • Free Self-paced Training: Ahead of our launch of this new format, we’d be willing to give away access to any of our other courses as well, if any of your members would be willing to write a review of the course. Here are all of the courses, and just let me know if you’d like access:





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