Adobe Creative Cloud Q/A

At the CPAUG meeting in November, we discussed a bit about the forthcoming Adobe Creative Cloud (ACC).  There were a few questions that remained and I don’t think I can answer them all at this time but I’ll post them here for discussion and if either of us as managers (or you) find out more, we’ll update it.  For those who haven’t heard “Adobe Creative Cloud is a major new initiative that will radically redefine the content creation process and become the focal point for creativity. It will reinvent creative expression through a new generation of applications and services that reimagine how people interact with creative tools and build deeper social connections between creatives around the world.”  Check out the ACC FAQ page for more info.

  1. What are the security features for Adobe Creative Cloud? (unanswered)
  2. What happens if I want to remove files (e.g. data portability) from ACC. (unanswered)
  3. What kind of file storage is there?  At what price? (unanswered)
  4. Can users work offline too? Adobe states “Adobe Touch apps can be used without an Internet connection. However, you cannot upload files to or access files from Creative Cloud without an Internet connection.”
  5. When will it be available? “You will be able to sign up for a membership in the first half of 2012.”


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One thought on “Adobe Creative Cloud Q/A

  1. – You don’t have to upload your files to the Cloud…you can work just as you do now with all of your files stored locally.

    – You don’t need to be connected to the internet at all times. You basically will work just as you currently do – the apps all run on your desktop.

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