January 2012 “Round-Table” – Meeting Recap

Thanks to those who came to the meeting last night.  I’d especially like to welcome the three HACC Web Development students who attended.  We hope that you enjoyed the experience and hope to see you back again soon.  We took some time to introduce ourselves and talked a bit about our experience and what Adobe products we use regularly or are learning.

Here are some of the things we discussed at yesterday’s meeting:

  • We have special 15% discount coupons for Adobe Software that are valid until March 31, 2012.  If you are interested, please contact us and we can send you one.  These are for CPAUG members who have attended a CPAUG meeting in the last 24 months only.
  • I’ve mentioned it before, but thank you to everyone who has been using the CPAUG Amazon.com links to purchase items from Amazon.com including ebooks.  We earned over $50 last month thanks to you!  All proceeds go back into the group.
  • Shim is a cross-browser and cross-device compatibility testing tool that uses Node.js http://j.mp/x2SqYe
  • CPAUG member Jim Almeida wanted to share: “Safari Books has released a new FREE book on Starling, the AS3 2D GPU accelerated game development framework. Anyone can download it after they setup their account on Safari here is a link… http://www.leebrimelow.com/?p=3225
    The book is really well done and should help anyone looking to build games to utilize this new framework!”
  • CPAUG member Harris Toser shared several items including this article & video from USA Today “Photoshop guru Kelby unpacks his bag
  • Harris also talked a bit about QR codes.  They are Open Source and there are several free ways to general the codes including using Google and Bitly.  There are also some really neat sites available that feature unique and artistic custom QR codes.
  • BarCamp 2012 – Is a free “un-conference” in Harrisburg and I recommend every who can attends.  It should be a great experience!
  • SOPA/PIPA – I encourage everyone to do some research on SOPA/PIPA and write to your representatives about this legislation.  Today is a great day to research as many sites are doing a “Blackout protest” and have information about it including Google and Wikipedia.  Some info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:SOPA_initiative/Learn_more
UPDATE 1/19/2012:
Fellow CPAUG member Jim Almeida mentioned the following Adobe links for using Flash, AIR and Illustrator to make QR codes:

Our next meeting is Tuesday February 28, 2012.  Hope to see you then!

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