JobOp: Coding Co-Founder

(Reposted from the New Tech Meetup Group)
I’m likely to get accepted into a leading startup incubator, but there’s a catch: they don’t accept one-man teams 🙂 So I’m looking for a coding co-founder.
The platform is full-stack Javascript: Node, Mongo, Expressjs, Mongoosejs, jQuery, etc. Any experienced programmer with Javascript experience can pick it up right away. We’ll be iterating quickly, and refining/changing a lot, so the right person will have to be flexible and tolerant of a startup environment.
The startup is based on things I’ve learned out of  Jawaya; it’s a consumer web platform designed to help strengthen both online and offline communities. I can go into more detail for interested developers.
The right person will be able to spend the majority of 3 months in NYC. The funding is fairly low, but enough to pay a pathetic salary that covers expenses at home and NY. If we’re successful, it’s highly likely the HQ will be NY based, but there will be more flexibility.
The most important piece is this: there has to be a good fit with me, which of course excludes a large part of humanity 🙂
Thanks for passing this along. People can contact me through email at
Charlie Crystle
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