Congratulations to CDHS Green Power Club!

Back in October, I posted about Central Dauphin High School students making an electric bike.  I was excited to learn that they CDHS Green Power Club won their category!  They will be traveling to Germany and the students could use your support in getting there so if you have expertise to share or would like to make a donation to support the student’s travel, please see below on how you can help.  CONGRATS CDHS Green Power Club!

Here’s some more information from Glenn Williams, Parent Advisor and CPAUG member (presenting this month!):
CDHS Green Power Club  has been selected as one of the finalist in the Educational Category. They are going to Germany next month (March 23, 2012) to present their project to senior engineers and management at Phoenix Contact Corporate Headquarters, Blomberg, Germany. They are one of a hand full of high school finalists (worldwide) and the only high school finalist (to my knowledge) from the United States.

Three team members are sponsored in full (flight, accommodations, food, etc) by Phoenix Contact. However, four others need your support. We are in the process of getting information, coordinating the shipment of the electric bike and Solar Charging Station, working on the presentation, getting academic permissions, passports, etc.

If you can sponsor a student ($1,200) or just make a contribution (any amount), that would be great! All student clubs have a club account at the high school that is administrated by the school district’s accounting department. All you have to do is make the check payable to “CDHS Green Power Club” and mail it to central dauphin high school, green power club (address below). They will deposit it into the green power club’s account and confirm that it is used for the trip.

Mr. Buck and I will be paying our own way. Your financial support is for the high school students. Please take a moment to watch the videos, you will see they have earned our support, respect and encouragement.

· xplore New Automation Award 2012 – Home Page

· 73 Electric Bike and Clean energy Charging station – First Update Video

· 73 Electric Bike and Clean energy Charging station – Second Update Video

· 73 Electric Bike and Clean energy Charging station – Third Update Video

· 73 Electric Bike and Clean energy Charging station Part A – Demonstration: Final Video

· 73 Electric Bike and Clean energy Charging Station Part B – Technical Side: Final Video

CDHS Green Power Club

The xplore New Automation 2012 Team Members:

1. David Williams, co-leader, junior

2. Danielle Williams, co-leader, junior

3. Mike Ragan, junior

4. Max Ruello, sophomore

5. Andrew Engle, junior

6. Joey Consoli, junior

7. Harrison Katz, junior

· Mr. William Buck, Math Teacher, CDHS, Club Advisor.

· Mr. Glenn Williams, parent, Parent Advisor

· Commissioner Wayne Gardner, PUC Commission, Honorary Member

· Mr. Kevin Williams, IUP Engineering Student, Founding Member

CDHS Green Power Club Address:

Central Dauphin High School
Green Power Club
437 Piketown Road
Harrisburg, PA 17112

Office: (717) 703-5360

Principal, Mr. Kenneth E. Miller

They are excited, proud and humble all at the same time.

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