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Featured April Free Lesson

As always, there are a number of new, free lessons on the video2brain site. In this video fromGetting Started with Joomla!, Laura Gordon shows you how to define the different parameters for an Article Menu item.

April’s Free Courses

Be sure to check out our new free “mini-course”, in which Tim Grey shares his top 10 favorite new and enhanced features in the public beta version of Photoshop CS6.

Also explore the new features of both Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and Adobe After Effects CS6 through Todd Kopriva’s two new free courses:

video2brain’s April User Group Course Discounts

Point your browser to and receive a 25% discount on any or all of the six courses displayed on the page by using the coupon code: V2BUGM25. The discounted offer is good until 04/30/2012. The discounted courses include:

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