JobOp: Extensible Languages for Development Instructor needed at Harrisburg University

A master’s degree or a bachelor’s degree with significant of professional experience and teaching experience is required.

LTMS 611: Extensible Languages for Development

Course Description:  The course addresses the need to extend visual authoring and editing tools with scripting and programming to achieve advanced features.  Proprietary languages will be used along with program, platform and device independent languages to create dynamic data display and advanced interactions.  Web-based, Windows OS and mobile device environments will be considered.

•         Write ActionScript to create advanced Adobe Flash programs and applications

•         Create device and output independent solutions

•         Use Extensible Markup Language (XML) to form and integrate data to create dynamic templates, programs and applications

•         Create dynamic layout and design with Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL)

•         Use JavaScript to support Dynamic HTML (DHTML) functions

If interested contact:

Charles Palmer
Executive Director,
Center for Advanced Entertainment & Learning Technologies

326 Market Street, Harrisburg , PA 17101 

Direct 717.901.5127
Fax 717.901.3127

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