earnings for April & May – Thanks!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has been using our affiliate shopping links to make their purchases.  As you probably know by now, CPAUG receives a small percentage of the sales that come from our site.

We earned $21.81 for April and $10.71 for May purchases.  At our most recent meeting, someone asked if I had access to who purchased what items.   I do not.  I do have access to see the items purchased and I believe that is because various types of items have various percentage spiffs.  However, I think the only time I’ve ever bothered to look at that report is if someone asked me if something they purchased showed up for the group.  I only look monthly to see what CPAUG has earned and record that amount for the records.  So please, be assured that you can buy confidently through the CPAUG store links.

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