Web dev opportunity – quick turnaround


I potentially have a meaty project but it requires availability fairly soon. Deadline is January 10th, and the client is willing to limit the scope to the core stuff, which is not complex. The project is mostly a content site, with user accounts, media uploads, and a fairly simple taxonomy. Specs are complete, design/UI elements are pretty much complete. I need two developers: front end/interactive, and back end. I’m not really concerned about platform; I prefer Node, PHP, or Rails over .Net because the client is in New York and that’s what’s bakin up there. If you or your company can fit the bill, please let me know. While this is a startup, there’s a real budget and the client is pretty well-heeled. I can share specs with interested & qualified hackers. Thanks, Charlie Crystle charlie.crystle(at)gmail.com

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