Recap Photoshop Blending Techniques

Thanks to every one for coming out last week and attending my presentation on Photoshop Blending Techniques. Below are the links to my presentation if you would like to see it again or if you missed it. I have also provided a cheat sheet for you to be able to follow along and hopefully try some of these techniques on photos of your own. blending modes cheat sheet

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Opening – Covers what blend modes are and demonstrates hot highlights

Middle – demonstrates how to efficiently use adjustment layers/blend modes to reduce file size, add texture to text, line art and channel walk/pin light to bring out contrast in saturated photos.

End – How to use the difference mode to combine multiple photos into 1, how to use luminosity to bring contrast back to lost highlights (also bronzing effect), how to use the displacement technique to add text to a contoured background and closing.

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