January Event Recap – Lots of great resources!

Thanks to everyone who came out to our event in January.   We had a lot of fun just talking and sharing ideas and resources.   Below is a recap of the major items we discussed.

  • CPAUG will be setting up and emailing a 2013 year end survey to help find out what events you liked, what you’d like to see more of, and how we can improve things for the group.  Please take the time to respond to it so we can better serve you and your goals.
  • PollDaddy was recommended as a solid polling tool.
  • Mondo was recommended as a good way to get cool posters but more importantly, as a way to discover new illustrators and artists.  See what artists are creating things you like and then follow them on Twitter for inspiration.
  • There’s a movie coming out in November 2014 about poster illustration called “Twenty-Four by Thirty-Six”  that was funded on Kickstarter
  • Some artists of interest are Ken Taylor and Kevin Tong
  • The Elks Theatre sometimes has older movies playing and holds raffles there where you can get original movie posters.
  • People like ComicCon in Baltimore which is heavy on actual comics (less “Hollywood”) unlike NYC
  • Kids are taking advantage of tablet technology and learning to code via games like “Codeables” — these are Kindergartners!
  • Google Hangouts is a good way to live broadcast and record video events
  • Lynda.com reigns supreme in learning online.  Everyone in attendance felt they got great skills and learning from it over the years and some even felt it was more valuable than traditional schooling.
  • Indeed.com is a aggregator of jobs and a great way to seek out employment
  • SquareSpace is an easy way to get a responsive website
  • SASS and LESS are great but seem to have pretty steep learning curves.
  • We might try to get a Tee shirt designed and sell them to the group as a fundraiser (and a cool tee!)
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