2014 Interdisciplinary Interaction Design Conference












2014 Interdisciplinary Interaction Design Conference!
Saturday, November 22nd: 9 a.m.-1 p.m.
Myers Auditorium, McComsey Hall, Millersburg, PA
Free and open to the public
Registration is required
Seating 140 people
See www.iidcon.com

The web, interactive and creative fields are about understanding users and creating engaging human experiences. This conference is about bringing established professionals in the web, experience, interaction and creative fields and having them communicate their experiences through multiple forms of interaction.

The speakers are:
Melissa Zane: Vice President & Director – Creative Services at Godfrey
Kent Eisenhuth UX Art Director and D3 Infragistics
Teresa Van Wagner Web Designer at Neo-Pangea
Vinoad Senguttuvan Data Scientist at High 5 Games

Follow this link to register: www.iidcon.com
Questions: James Pannafino: jpannafino@millersville.edu

(This is NOT a CPAUG event)

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