Git and GitHub for Absolute Beginners – Presentation Recording (A/V), Slides, and Q&A

Presentation Video and Slides/Resources

Questions and Answers

Q:  What happens when multiple people are working on the same file and then submit a pull request with different changes?

A.  This response from Stack Overflow does a great job of explaining both with words and visually what happens in a situation like this:

Q:  How does the pull request review process work?

A.  This document from GitHub nicely explains with images and animations how the pull request review process works.

Q:  Does committing large files take a long time?

A.  GitHub has documentation specifically regarding large files sizes at: Of particular note: “GitHub will warn you when pushing files larger than 50 MB. You will not be allowed to push files larger than 100 MB.  If you regularly push large files to GitHub, consider introducing Git Large File Storage (Git LFS) as part of your workflow. Git LFS works well with the GitHub Flow and can be used with any large file, regardless of its type. For more information, see “Versioning large files.

Q: Is there someplace I can get a free, private repository?

A. Yes! At BitBucket you can sign up for a “5 users free plan” and you can have unlimited public and private repositories.  (Thanks for the tip on this Nick.)

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