May Event Recap – Photoshop and Lightroom Focus

This was our first ever event where we chose an Adobe product and then opened up the entire even to asking questions, getting group members’ problems solved, and demonstrated some things we’ve learned.   It was a big success and we plan to do more of these kinds of events in the future.  Thank you to everyone who attended, asked questions, and shared your knowledge with the group!

Some things we learned about from each other:

  • How to get Lightroom files into Photoshop
  • How to get those files into one Photoshop file for composite editing
  • The difference between RAW files and exported (Jpeg, TIFF, etc.) for editing purposes
  • What PS Actions are and why would we use them
  • How PS and LR differ.  Why use one over the other.  Why choose PS Elements over Creative Cloud
  • Discovered Google Sketchup and looking to bring in a presenter for further learning at our group
  • Demonstrated how to use Photoshop’s built-in 3d capabilities to create 3D printed objects
  • Various ways to duplicate layers in Photoshop

Also, thank you to our raffle sponsors who provided us with these great raffle prizes:

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