Notes and Recap for the CPAUG “Creating a Presence on Social Media” event

1 – HAVE FUN!  If you don’t. People will be able to tell. YOU DO YOU!

GET STARTED – the best way to do this is by DOING. Do a bit of research (like this) form a basic plan and then start. Continue to tweak as you go. Confidence will come through exposure. The confidence to start comes from a bit of research and managing expectations.  Make the expectation LOW.

Ex: Putting up the video to be seen; understand the analytics

I hope to get 10 views or I hope to get one thumbs up this month.

CONTINUE TO MANAGE EXPECTATIONS – Your opinion of success is the most important in getting things off the ground. You will record it and potentially hate it or work on It and love it until you show others.  When showing others they will want to help and tell you all the things you could do better. BETTER COMES WITH TIME and DOING. Do not let that bring you down or distract you. If you do get discouraged. LEVEL SET and define your personal value to this project. Without having the recent critique in mind, ask yourself ”What is the value of this to me?” If you determine it is still of interest, KEEP GOING. That is the difference between Trying (finding value) and Doing (value is determined). When you are DOING, you can give 100%. You don’t need to take all the advice given to you. Do what makes sense and keep going on your terms.

PERSONALITY – To make it you want your videos to have personality. It should be you. Get as comfortable as possible making videos. Use a dry erase marker and draw a happy face above the camera on your phone. Talk to it. Talk to it like it is the one person you are addressing. The more you do it, the easier it will become.

– Before you begin, remind yourself of your obtainable, low-risk expectation. Then think of a time that you were happy and relaxed. Keep that in your mind until, you start talking. Then focus on the one thing and speak.

– Write out what you want to say. It will help you structure your thoughts and practice delivering it. Print it out and place it behind the camera to read for practice. This builds confidence. The structure provides a feeling of security allowing you to relax and be more personable.

STORY – content is the most important thing in a video and should be top priority.

– Pick a single topic (simplicity is key) if it is too vague it could leave the viewer at a loss

–  I like Stories. Stories are the most engaging way to connect with people. Identify the topic you want to present and the story you want to tell.

– Create a story board to provide structure, keep the message on point and flowing. You don’t want to go on rambling (I am very guilty of this!!)

– Stories should have a beginning, middle and end. Take the viewer on a journey with you.

Adding Music – You can use YouTube editing tools and add music. If you don’t like the feel or find it to complicated, try other apps. Splicer or iMOVIE (on iPhone) or other mobile apps can be used when you are on the go.  Music is great for an intro, for outro’s, transition shots and can extra emphasis to a story.

STRATEGY– Develop an idea of what you want your YouTube channel to be and build the content and art around that theme. Keep the theme in mind when you create your channel art, thumbnails and playlists. If you want to try new things, have a test channel. Try not to clutter your channel with randomness. It will make it hard for potential viewers to find the content they want.

– Have an idea of how often you plan to post. Start with something realistic and manageable.

– Use other means of social media to promote your channel. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat.

– Utilize the analytics provided by YouTube to identify who is watching your channel and when. This will help you understand the age and location of the people watching your videos, when you are losing people (they stop viewing) and when to post your videos.  This is great info to begin to understand your niche’.

Description – Make sure you provide a description on your video. Add tags of key words in your description. Have them broken up into single word tags and have some joined together as well to help folks that are searching for your content.

Collaboration! Collaboration is key to getting have your channel continue to grow. It comes later, but you can start now. To go about it, find others that do what you do. Be genuine and be supportive. Asking them for things doesn’t usually work out. Build a rapport. Ask questions about them and what they are doing. Be appreciative and respectful. If you develop a natural back and forth, you can then approach the topic of a collaboration. You want to know what they are about and that they are good for your message just as much as they should do the same for you. It should be a mutual respect. If not, it is not worth it.

Bonus Tips:

In your account settings, set it to play your latest video immediately. It will help drive up the views and show new people what you are about.

If you are considered about lighting; if you film in natural light during the day you tend to get a good result.

Try not to have an over complicated or distracting background. White works well if you are concerned about what you are wearing. You can add things to your background to add contrast but be sure they are not too distracting. You want the focus on you.

You can play around with splicing and start thinking cinematically. Try different shots. Start with a wide shot of the area you are in to give the viewer a sense they are with you. Use a tripod or selfie stick to provide different shots without camera shake. Think about how you use your shots. A drone shot could be a good transition shot, but may not be something you want to make a primary focus. Same with time-lapse. Have action shots lead into content shots. Draw a storyboard and have fun.

Filter Effects and Voice Over – These can be fun elements you can utilize to make you stand out. Speeding up or slowing down your voice is something that could add some fun, but depending on your audience, you may want to use sparingly. Play around and see what works for you. I have used this feature in SPLICE on my iphone. It is available for apple and android.

Cameras– Use the best one you have available. If you have multiple, try changing it up

Limit camera shake – It messes with people visually and their brains and gets old quick

Thumbnails and Channel Art – If you have experience in photoshop; use it. You don’t need to over complicate adding effects if you don’t know how to use them. Find a good font and keep it simple. If you are not comfortable with graphic arts and you’re concerned about making your thumbnail look professional, use a free stock image that revolves around your theme. Go to; download a pick and add the appropriate text.  Use desktop and mobile apps like Canva to create your channel art. By clicking on the background picture, you can delete it and add your own high res pic. If you are unsure of the font, use the one provided in the template. They have templates that are free or $1 to help you get a great look! Canva can also help with creating fliers and providing other social media marketing templates

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