The future of CPAUG is bright! Good news, and good byes.

Hello CPAUG Members…

Before we say good-bye, we would like to sincerely thank everyone who has ever come to a CPAUG event as a member, presenter, or sponsor.  Special shout out to those who have followed the group for years, going back to the Macromedia days.

We would also like to sincerely thank the East Shore Library for the free meeting space for so many years. Megan wishes to say a special thanks to David Lambert for not only helping me as Co-Manager, but for also being a great friend.

The Future of CPAUG
Finally, a huge thanks to Al Heefner for eagerly steeping up as your new User Group Manager along with co-manager Dr. Indranil Chakrabarti.   The future of CPAUG is bright, and we are thrilled that Al and Dr. Chakrabarti will be carrying the group forward!

About Your New CPAUG Managers
Al is a generalist for photography, with weddings, events, and musicians being the majority of what he photographs. You can see some of his photos at his website

Aside from his extensive career as an MD in psychiatry and clinical informatics, Dr. Chakrabarti has been an active photographer since a very young age. His passion for photography is for many things outdoor and wildlife, where he enjoys capturing images that nature presents to him. Dr. Chakrabarti is exceptionally skilled at Lightroom, and is always looking to learn and add to his photography and Adobe skillsets.

What’s Next?
If you received this message, your e-mail address will be passed along to your new Manager, Al.  He’ll use this to keep you informed on next steps and how you can continue to stay active in the group, find out meeting times, etc.

Please feel free to stay in touch with Megan and Dave. We look forward to seeing everyone at a future CPAUG meeting or local event.


Megan Fister and David Lambert
Your former (and grateful) CPAUG Managers

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